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Hi All,

First off, I would like to thank you for taking the time to visit my SCOTIABANK® ROAD HOCKEY TO CONQUER CANCER personal Player Page. SCOTIABANK® ROAD HOCKEY TO CONQUER CANCER is a Dawn-to-Dusk fundraising event with the proceeds going towards The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation.

Last year I lost my mother to this terrible disease.  She died of pancreatic cancer after suffering a related stroke.  She battled the disease for just under 4 months during which time she lost close to 70lbs.  She was a shell of her former self by the end.  Thankfully her suffering was relatively brief and essentially painless.

I have recently had minor surgery to remove a polyp which is being tested to determine if it is in fact cancerous.  This disease is ever present and merciless.

Cancer has cut short the lives of my mother, my grandmother, my wife's grandmother, my aunt, and many friends.  Based on this family history my sister and I will need genetic testing to see if we are likely to contract it as well.  There will be over 173,800 estimated new cases of cancer in Canada this year alone. 76,200 of these cases will result in deaths - it's time to take a stand against this devastating disease

This is why I've decided to participate once again in SCOTIABANK® ROAD HOCKEY TO CONQUER CANCER and help raise money to support The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation in their mission to eradicate cancer and improve the lives of those living with cancer.

With the generous support and donations from my friends and family I intend on reaching my goal amount so I can truly help make a difference in the fight against cancer! It’s time to get off the bench and into the game, so please consider supporting my fundraising campaign a donation – any amount helps.

Please take a moment and donate now!!

Thank you!


If you would prefer to send in a offline donation in you can download the form HERE  

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